• Katie Glasgow

A Strong End to Laker Cross Country

At Allendale High School, the boys and girls from the Spring Lake Cross Country Team cheered as they received the news that they would be heading to states the next weekend. Both teams won their Pre-Regional meet, and placed third at Regionals. With West Michigan’s region having some of the best teams in the state, getting a place qualifying for State was not assumed. What the team knew, however, was how badly they wanted the spot at the State Meet.

For the girls team, Lily Parker and Nora Boufford had their consistent and strong performances, both placing in the top 15. Spots 3, 4, and 5 were crucial to their qualifying. Bea Reeser, Chloe Lohman, and Kayla Purvis’s hard work and essential placement ensured the team their spot.

The boys team qualified by one point. Both Ian Hill and Callen Carrier ran like something was chasing them, and landed in the Top 5. Adam MacLeod’s ability to pass many opponents contributed to the team's win.

Following their regional success, the boys went on to place 8th in the State, and the girls 24th. The State Meet was held at the Michigan International Speedway. The boys state team included: Ian Hill, Callen Carrier, Carter Phillips, Adam MacLeod, Asher Liu, Sam Davidson, Ryan Rymal, Josh Sevener, Tanner Guczwa, and Kyle Wakerley. The girls state team included: Lily Parker, Nora Boufford, Bea Reeser, Chloe Lohman, Grace Brow, Kayla Purvis, Jennifer Judge, Katie Glasgow, Maya Noren, and Makaela Schmidt.

The teams’ season is now over, and most of the runners will begin to prepare for track. Hopefully they’ll take a little break. The Lakers should have a lot of pride in this group of runners!

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