• Addison Benedict

Alternative Education: An Inside Look

Alternative: employing or following nontraditional or unconventional ideas, methods, etc.; existing outside the establishment. The Spring Lake High School Alternative Education program focuses on individual students and their specific needs. Sometimes learning a new concept requires outside-the-box thinking and teaching!

Mr. Henry is the lead teacher at the Alt Ed building and his days are filled with finding non-traditional ways to engage with the students.

This hardworking group of classmates is made up of 17 seniors, 9 juniors, and 8 sophomores. Every day, these students focus on familiar subjects - Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Science; but the learning methods can be adjusted to be sure there is understanding and comprehension.

Students from every walk of life need to be shown that they have potential and that they can learn new things. By offering Alternative Education with non-traditional teaching methods and a focus on success for all, Spring Lake Public Schools stands by its motto - “Big Enough to Challenge, Small Enough to Care.”

Alt students also have the ability to graduate early. So far this school year, we have FIVE early graduates. Alt students are able to work at their own pace with the end goal of graduating and having a plan for what is next. Students plan for their own schedule of core and elective classes.

For the past six weeks, they worked on STEM activities. They built marshmallow and spaghetti towers to start.

These are the champion bridge builders - Carrie, Quinn, Litta, and Mia. Their bridge held over 100 pounds.

They also did egg drops during the past six weeks. The champions were Brody, Camden, and Cole. Their egg never broke - reaching a height of 25+ feet.