• Anna McLean

Back to School Vol. 2

The students of SLHS returned to school in late August of 2020. As COVID-19 cases rose in the country, and in our community, the governor, along with our school board, opted to shut down the school once again. This stay-at-home order was meant to last until December 8th, when high school students were set to return to in-classroom learning. However, the night of December 7th, The Michigan Department of Health chose to extend the order until December 20th, pushing our school into winter break.

Students did not know how to feel or react. Some were happy, some were sad. Sophomore Ava Baxter says, “I’m a little upset because I do really miss my friends, but I also have liked online learning and classes better. It’s nice to be in the comfort of my own home while learning. It’s a nice change.”

Freshman Ella Andree also says, “I’m very disappointed about having to stay online because I was looking forward to seeing my friends and playing sports, but I understand that the shutdown is necessary.”

Students and staff will continue to teach and learn online until SLHS comes back from winter break (January 4th). Hopefully by then, COVID-19 cases will be down, and students and staff can get back to in-person learning. Stay strong, Lakers!

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