• Harrisen Smith

Backpacks Or Lockers: A Discussion

During this period of quarantine and social distancing, there have been many changes to our daily lives. Some of these changes are small, like not being able to use water fountains, and others are quite large, like having to stay home for multiple weeks. One of the smaller accommodations this year is not being able to use our lockers.

For some people, it’s quite problematic not being able to have that extra space. Students are asked to bring their backpacks to class, along with anything else they would normally just leave in their locker. Some are weighed down by heavy textbooks, while others have their hands full with their lunchbox and gym bag. Many people, however, find that not being able to use their locker isn’t that big of a deal.

I think that it’s better to just use our backpacks. It allows us to bring our stuff from class to class without having to worry about getting back from the locker on time. There’s also more time to do things between classes like getting water or talking to friends along the way to the next class. Since the passing period has been shortened to only four minutes instead of six, it can be difficult to make the trip from the locker to class.

Now, I know some people are upset about it--and for good reason. Some people had to rely on lockers for storing their textbooks, winter clothes and other things too big to carry around. But overall it isn’t too big of an issue. In most cases it can be easily dealt with in a few extra steps such as carrying your items with you.

So, overall I think that using backpacks is altogether a better and more efficient way of storing your school supplies throughout the school day.

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