• Lucy Hylant

Be Nice Club - Random Acts of Kindness Week

The Be Nice club’s mission every year is to try to make Spring Lake High School a more respectful and enjoyable community. The club is led by seniors Macy Carey, Taylor Gates, Jaynie Seylhower, and adviser Mrs. Boodt. The club is inclusive to grades 9-12, making it one of the few extracurricular activities at Spring Lake that is open to all ages.

Be Nice adviser, Mrs. Boodt, shared the origins of the club and its importance: “The Be Nice Club started around 7 or 8 years ago. Be Nice is an initiative developed by the West Michigan Foundation for Mental Health. The Foundation wanted to educate school communities on the impact of mental health. SLHS was one of 3 or 4 schools that first participated.” Boodt continues, “Since SLHS joined years ago, Be Nice has expanded beyond West Michigan and also expanded to have a curriculum and different levels of programming, with multiple levels of costs and coordination. SLHS has not enrolled in the curriculum aspect of Be Nice; however, it is something we have assessed from time to time. We have even talked about changing our name since we haven't committed to the Be Nice full programming. For now, we are an after-school club, dedicated to creating a unified SLHS by building community through the promotion of respect and culture for everyone.”

I joined the Be Nice Club at the beginning of my sophomore year, purely out of my desire to promote kindness around my school. Although I’m new to the group, I’ve already met many new people and have had the privilege of taking part in positive social events. I plan on staying in this club for the rest of my high school experience.

This year, we created the "Be Nice to You" series, highlighting the importance of taking care of ourselves. The week of February 14th is “Random Acts of Kindness” week. The club will be selling Pura Vida bracelets and giving out candy grams with a kind note for Valentine’s Day. If you’re interested, look into buying a bracelet or a candy gram for somebody at lunch. Your actions and unprovoked kindness can mean more to someone than you may understand. Join the Be Nice club for creating friendships and promoting kindness around our community!

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