• Amaya Wiseman

Boys' Varsity Tennis: Highlights

Although the sport isn't as widely recognized as some other school teams, the Varsity and Junior Varsity Tennis teams have been hard at work all season long practicing every weekday after school. The Varsity team led by Mr. Palladino has had some big wins this season and a great season ahead of them! The JV team led by Mr. Keefe has gone undefeated all season so far, and the effort will continue throughout the remainder of the season!

If you have ever been part of a school sports team, you know that your teammates and your relationships with one another are such an important and unavoidable aspect of it. Robby Tuck, a senior on the Boys’ Varsity Tennis team, agrees with that. As a kid, Robby played a little tennis but he didn't really pick up the sport until his sophomore year of high school. Robby likes being part of a team, the atmosphere of the sport, and the competitiveness- he may even further his experience by playing for a college team or club. As one of the leading players of his team, Robby really values the sport and the team, and I am excited to see how his future in tennis emerges.

However, you don't need to follow through with your sport into college to love it. Eli Tosterud, a junior on the Boys’ Varsity Tennis team, started his tennis experience in 8th grade and has been playing since. He also values the close team dynamic, and the overall experience with the team. He plays outside of practice with some of his close friends on the team along with friends from the Girls’ Tennis team and says it is always fun to get out on the court. Even though he doesn't plan on furthering his tennis career through college, tennis is a fun and fulfilling highlight of his high school experience and he is sure to be on the team his senior year.

Also, to highlight one of the JV team's most passionate players, I interviewed Hudson Braak, a freshman on the Junior Varsity Boys’ Tennis team. Hudson has been playing tennis for about 6 years and he loves the Tennis environment and experience. As a kid, his sister played tennis and so he was exposed to the sport and eventually picked it up. He mentions his favorite part of tennis is the mental game of it and the challenging aspect of it. He loves the sport and plans on playing throughout high school and possibly into college. Hudson also appreciates the team and says it’s like a family. They encourage each other and it helps to influence the strong bond they hold as a team. He thinks that the tennis team is underhyped, and I agree.

Finally, I would like to thank the coaches- Mr. Keefe (JV) and Mr. Palladino (V) for their help in covering for the Boys’ Tennis teams, and I would like to thank the interviewees- Robby Tuck, Eli Tosterud, and Hudson Braak.

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