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Celebrating Seniors!

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, we have decided to highlight and celebrate the paths of several seniors.

Amelia Thalhammer is a senior who decided to challenge herself throughout high school by taking an IB Diploma path. The reasons she lists for choosing this particular path are: she wanted to challenge herself, she liked the thought of getting to know a small community of students also enrolled in these courses, and she liked the variety of classes offered through the program. Amelia shares that she wouldn’t have done it any other way, as the IB Diploma program was beneficial to the college application process and writing her college essay. Despite the benefits of the IB classes, Amelia shares that the workload was tremendous. Her stress levels were definitely increased junior and senior year, as “the workload is not a joke.” She had, on average, around four hours of homework each night. Still, Amelia says about her experience with the IB Diploma path, “[It] was definitely stress inducing at times but I learned time management skills and how to manage stress.” Unfortunately, Spring Lake High School is eliminating the IB program, but Amelia suggests challenging yourself throughout high school with lots of AP courses and college classes: “You won’t regret it in the end, and you will reap the benefits.”

Jack Parker is a prolific athlete who devoted a great deal of time to wrestling throughout high school. This past season, all his hard work paid off as he won the state wrestling championship. Jack shares, “Wrestling has changed my life. Most importantly it has taught me discipline and what working hard really feels like. It changed my school experience by giving me lifelong friends in my teammates and overall just helped me socially.” Sports have been a huge influence on his life, giving him confidence and cultivating relationships. Finally, Jack shares all of the people he would like to thank: “First of all my parents, who have sacrificed countless amounts of time and money to help me. Along with my coaches: Dan Robinson, Alec Linenger, Garth Trask, Andy Rose, and Curt Kruger who have been some of the most important role models in my life and taught me almost everything I know about wrestling. Also I would like to thank Max Montgomery and Collin Huch, who have been great teammates and captains with me since we were wrestling for the youth program. I would also like to thank Mr. Morhardt and Jasmine for helping me along the way." Jack is planning on attending Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY next year, where he will be going into Pre-Physical Therapy and wrestling.

Finally, August and Cooper Drugzal both finished high school as Senior Scholars. Cooper shares that he tried to take advanced classes throughout high school to prepare for college. Despite pursuing difficult classes, he shares that maintaining good grades wasn’t difficult for him, although it did require a lot of time studying and doing homework outside of class. Cooper shares that he took a lot of math classes since math is his favorite subject, although AP Biology was his all time favorite class. Cooper will be attending the United States Military Academy at West Point to pursue something in the field of engineering.

August Drugzal’s path to becoming a senior scholar was fairly similar to Cooper’s. Cooper took a lot of math classes, his favorites being AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Another favorite class of his was AP Biology. He also shares that maintaining good grades was not difficult for him: “I'm a good test taker, and most of my grades were based on tests.” August will attend the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida, through their National Merit scholarship program. He plans on studying computer science, especially artificial intelligence.

Congratulations to all of the Spring Lake High School graduates this year! We wish you all the best going forward.

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