• Anna McLean

Clubs Interact and Current Events Host Trivia Night

Thursday, January 28th, Interact and Current Events hosted a virtual trivia night in order to raise money for Mary Flagler and her mother, Patricia Ankelen, who lost their home in a house fire recently.

May Fuller, one of the organizers of the event said, “The turnout was better than expected -- we had some last-minute sign-ups, and there turned out to be about six teams. We didn't set a monetary goal, but we still believe that it was a successful event with the money we fundraised!”

The event was hosted over zoom by Mrs. Gutierrez and Mrs. Crawford. Amelia Thalhammer also commented and said, “Izzy Tosterud and I, we host the Trivia Nights together, came up with the questions and they were kind of random, honestly. But, while somewhat random, I'd say the majority of the questions were on pop culture trivia. We played for around an hour. We made Google forms for each round instead of a Kahoot. We sent the link to the form to everyone over Zoom and they filled out the form with their answers, and then we scored them.”

Overall, it was a successful event, and a great way to raise money for Mary and her mother!

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