• Skyler Henshaw

Competitive Cheer Opens Season at Plainwell

For the Competitive Cheer team, the season started on November 8th, and after three days of tryouts, both Varsity and JV jumped right into learning their three rounds. Even from the start of the season, the first competition loomed over both teams. Never having competed so soon after the start of the season, the pressure was on to ensure they had at least rounds one and two ready for the mat at Plainwell high school.

Luckily for the teams, they quickly got their first two rounds under their belts. Varsity was able to prepare two sections of their round three and JV was able to prepare a little under half of their round three.

Although it’s unusual for the teams to compete not even a month into the season, the team was happy to go to Plainwell. An old Spring Lake cheer coach, Nicole Murphy, coaches the Plainwell cheer team and it was her idea to invite the Spring Lake team to the invitational. For the girls who were coached by Nicole, it was fun for them to see her again.

When at the competition on December 3, Varsity competed against five other teams and JV didn’t have any competitors at all. After round one, Varsity was in second place and JV had an automatic first. Varsity continued to hold second place after round two but lost it after round three.

Varsity took 4th place and JV took an automatic first place at the end of the competition. Although it wasn’t an ideal place to take, the team was able to get their first competition jitters out of their system.

Their next competition is on December 18 at Mona Shores High School. Come out and support your Lady Lakers!

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