• Jadelynn Slorf

COVID-19's Effect on Students' Mental Health

COVID-19 has made an impact on everyone’s lives. For high school students, it has taken a big toll on their mental health. With schools moving to remote learning or adjusting to new learning schedules, many teens feel isolated and anxious. Isabella Donaldson, a senior at Spring Lake High School, said that COVID-19 has impacted her mental health because she does “not know what is going to happen next and I overthink everything.” With an increase in cases, many schools do not know what will happen during the school year, let alone the next two weeks. If cases continue to rise, most schools will end up going remote.

The fear of not knowing what will happen next has crossed almost every student’s mind.

On top of the stress of what will happen in the future, many students are experiencing a higher rate of depression than before. Another senior at Spring Lake High School said, “I am more depressed than ever and am so unmotivated! The workload for school is also killing me with the pandemic on top of it.”

School is already stressful enough for teenagers, especially those in advanced classes or those who are in sports or extracurriculars. The pandemic adds a sense of anxiety that most students deal with every day. Depression rates have also skyrocketed since COVID-19. Depression among high school students can lead to not doing well in school. Although school is important, it is also important to take care of mental health. COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives; taking care of each other should come first.

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