• Masen Carey

December 9th

March 6, 2020. Districts. We won districts. I couldn’t believe it. The hard work actually paid off this time.

Basketball seasons are always exceedingly long and sometimes you just want them to be over. Actually, I could only attend two days of lacrosse tryouts because of how long our basketball season went. Two days, and then we got shut down. Two days. Two days that I have been waiting for all year. This year, I was going to be one out of two girls on the team who have played varsity for three years. We had a new coach and so many new players. But, we never got our season. The only thing that kept me from hanging my head low was reminding myself that I had another year to play the sports that I loved so much.

But here I am again, reminding myself that there is hope. As of right now, December 9th is the date that keeps me sane. On December 9th we are supposed to get back into the gyms. Like I said before, basketball seasons are always super long. But this time, I don’t want it to be over. This time, I’m just hoping for a season.

When I was younger, I attended a small private school, St. Mary’s, and the only sport we had was basketball. My 5th grade year, the 6th grade basketball team did not have enough girls to play, so I got pulled up. The day I was told I got to play basketball a year early, I went straight home and got to work. I made my dad fix the crooked basketball hoop, and I geared up with my multicolored Nike elite socks. Our team went to the championship my 6th grade year and demolished our opponents, 8 to 5. Yes, that was the score. Yes, we were pathetic at shooting. But, we loved it.

Every season we face trials and tribulations, but we always persevere. I am beyond blessed to have played sports for my entire life. They have taught me so many things and brought me so much happiness. If canceled practices and games are the trials that face my team this year, bring it on. We will fight through it and come out victorious.

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