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Dunk Coaches for Cancer Raises $5,400

When Angela Rose’s daughter, Tegan Rose, was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, a lot changed -- to say the least. This was an eye-opener for Angela and her family, and she uses this experience to fuel her passion to help other parents and children going through similar situations.

Tegan herself has raised over $8,000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand -a foundation for childhood Cancer- since June of 2017 (only 4 years?!)! Angela got to thinking about what she could do for young cancer patients, and while driving to work the idea came to her, “What better way to get people involved than a dunk tank?” And who better than coaches- almost everyone plays a sport, so almost everyone has a coach, and who wouldn’t want to see their coach take a splash for such a great cause! The idea was instantly coming to life and only took 3 weeks to plan!

Many people were eager to get involved. “Anyone who couldn't get involved this year said they'll make time for it next year… so I guess we're doing it again in 2022!” Angela said.

Before she knew it, Angela had gotten 17 coaches involved (listed at the bottom of the article). Blue Bird Cancer - a non-profit, local organization for cancer research - also was involved.

Blue Bird Cancer is a part of Guardians of Gold which is a foundation Angela started over a year ago to support parents/guardians of children who are going through or have gone through cancer. Some other businesses that sponsored the event were: Angela Hyde Homes; Verplank Trucking Co; Mike Rose Landscape and Irrigation; and Benchmark Mortgage.

The event was set for September 18th at the Spring Lake High School, and the announcement for “Dunk Coaches for Cancer” was all over social media.

Angela was hoping that each coach would bring in 10-15 participants and a quarter way into the event it seemed that the outcome might be even greater than anticipated. The area was filled with happy faces, laughter, and splashes!

It was an incredibly fun event for everyone who attended- they even had cookies, lemonade, and cornhole! The event was planned wonderfully and covering it was so much fun! “It's awesome seeing the community come out and support every coach and support child cancer,” Angela said.

The event ended up raising over $5,400 for Alex's Lemonade; P.O.R.T. at Helen Devos Children Hospital; and BlueBird Guardians of Gold, and donations are continuing to pile in! The coaches who raised the most money were:

1st. Cassidy Hazekamp, Varsity Volleyball Coach

2nd. David Parsons, JV Girls Basketball and JV Girls Lacrosse Coach

3rd. Chad Wahlberg, 8th Grade Boys Football Coach

The top 3 coaches alone raised $1,700!

“I was so honored to be asked to be part of the 1st Annual Coaches Dunk Childhood Cancer. The Rose Family did an amazing job putting this event together and finding coaches to represent our sports teams. The Spring Lake community always shows up to help support a good cause, and this was no exception. Winning the trophy was exciting, but knowing that money is going to help children fighting their battle with cancer is really what it's all about. I am already scheming and preparing for next year.” said Coach Hazekamp, and she isn't alone in feeling this way. Everyone, regardless of how much money they raised, was so happy to be a part of this event.

Rich Hyde, the Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, said “It was awesome. I'm upset I didn't win, but it was a great day and I'm super proud to have been a part of it and I plan to participate for many many years to come. Great event, great people, great cause,” when I asked him how it felt to be part of such an inspiring team.

Overall, the whole event was a huge success, and we have Angela, along with all the other brilliant people who helped put this event together, to thank for that. I am so excited to see the outcome of Dunk Coaches for Cancer in the upcoming years, and I am thankful to have been able to cover such an amazing event with such a great community.

I would also like to personally thank Angela for her help in the creation of this article, and all the amazing people who were also a part of this event.

Coaches in Attendance:

Angie Smith, Girls VolleyBall

Cassidy Hazekamp, Girls Varsity Volleyball

Tom Stearns, GH Young Bucs

Jessica Sharp, SL Lacrosse & Golf

Byron Kelly, Girls Swimming and Diving

Dan Robison, SL Wrestling

Todd Aldred, GH Softball & Sabercats

David Parsons, SL Basketball & Lacrosse

Matt Houseman, Next Level Players

Abby Britt, SL Volleyball

Rich Hyde, SL Basketball

Dan Start, SL V Football

Mike Ursul, 15U Folds of Honor Softball

Alec Lininger, SL Wrestling

Chad Walhberg, SL 8th Football

Butch Grimm, SL 7th Football

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