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Epicurean Village Update

By: Emily Batka

The Epicurean Village, scheduled to be built by the end of 2020, will be the highlight of downtown Spring lake. It will have casual yet refined dining. It first started in the year 2018. During that time they discussed different things such as location, accessibility, and other factors. During the summer of 2018, Savidge Management, the organization who owns the Epicurean, figured out the bigger details like design and concept. Step three was in Spring of 2019. This included constructing everything and smoothing out the bumps of the architecture. Currently, they are in step four, construction.

They first started constructing in the summer of 2019. The design concept for the Epicurean Village is to have restaurants, café, office space, and residential areas. So far the design has five different tenants on the first floor, including an area for Finn’s Chophouse where they will serve hand-cut steaks and sides from local farms. The second and third floor will have serving places, along with huge office space and a restaurant rooftop bar and a roof deck. The Epicurean was scheduled to be built and finished this summer, but due to Covid-19, construction was pushed back.

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