• Kayden Fritsche

Exams: COVID-Style

Spring Lake High School announced on Tuesday, November 10th, that the school will be shutting down through Thanksgiving break. Many students are puzzled about whether or not exams will still take place from home over virtual learning. At this point, it may fall back on the teachers and be their choice whether or not to have a portion of exams or a test for the first trimester.

Reported on Friday, November 6th, there were 134 people quarantined in the Spring Lake High School district. Therefore, many students have been Zooming into classes and doing school work from their homes already, but virtual learning as a whole class will be new to everyone. Online learning itself can be extremely stressful, so adding exams on top of the adjustment may not only be additionally stressful to students and staff as well. Sophomore Lucy Hylant made a great point for those who have been in quarantine, “Since I’m already quarantined, it’s sort of a relief for everyone to go virtual next week, so I don’t miss out on the benefits of in-person learning that the rest of my classmates are getting.” So for some, this phase of virtual learning might be helpful, but there is often a downside to things.

Through these unpredictable times, many teachers seem to be playing it by ear. Mrs. Crawford explained, “The 9A English teachers are planning for our exam to be the final major paper of the class, which is a reduced version of what we'd normally give. I'm still playing it by ear for my IB Literature class as we wait for the exam schedule to be published.” Although teachers need to convert their lessons to virtual, it might be easier now since everyone is online, and they don’t have to make an in-person exam and an online exam for those in quarantine. A lot is going on and a lot is unknown, but the Spring Lake teachers and staff are trying to make this phase of virtual learning and exams as smooth as possible for all students and concerned parents. Students should have patience as the teachers develop their exam plans. But as always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Communication is key in any virtual classroom.

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