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Spring Lake Ski Team Kicks off Their Season

Updated: Jan 20

The Spring Lake Ski Team kicked their season off on Tuesday, January 12th with a conference meet at Cannonsburg. The team began training on January 4th.

The men's team began with Giant Slalom and the women's team started in the Slalom discipline. Dawson Sherman, Griffin Phares, and Jonah Wilhelm all had notable GS finishes. Phares finished in 6th place, only 0.7 seconds off of the leader. Sherman came in at 7th place and Wilhelm in 11th. Aidan Parker fell in his first run, setting him back quite a bit in the Giant Slalom discipline. A few notable JV performances from the men’s team came from sophomore, Max Brown, and sophomore, Noah Fox, in his first-ever ski race.

Now, let's take a look at the women's team in Slalom. The top three finishers from the team were Mya Phares in 13th, Zoe Komar in 15th ,and Paige Sharp in 16th. Spring Lake Men’s team had a great showing in Slalom with three racers in the top six. Dawson Sherman was 6th, 2.3 seconds off of the leader. Griffin finished 5th, only 1.5 seconds off of the leader, and Aidan Parker finished 2nd place by only 0.06 seconds. The Women's team had more success in Giant Slalom with the top three finishers being Paige Sharp, Mya Phares, and Zoe Komar coming in at 10th, 11th, and 12th place, respectively. The only two freshmen on the team, Katie Reimersma and Kara Constantine, also had great times for their first-ever ski meet.

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