• Grace Sara

Gender Neutral Terms and Inclusivity

When it comes to talking about things like gender-neutral terms, the best thing that you are going to be able to do is be supportive. Gender-neutral terms help people who are nonbinary or use neopronouns feel accepted. When going along with your day, there are very simple phrases that you can switch to help these people. This article will cover some of those, but you can look online to find more gender-neutral phrases to use.

When it comes to some gender-neutral terms you can replace pretty/handsome with something along the lines of you look good or you look nice. Those examples are able to be used on anyone because they don’t have a gender. Which, in the long run, is what we are trying to fix. But, compliments are not the only way that you can use gender-neutral terms.

Believe it or not, businesses can use them when it comes to saying things like “everyone” instead of saying “ladies and gentlemen.” Another example would be when describing a person. If you want to point someone out instead of saying that girl/guy in the shirt looks nice you could just say that person in the shirt looks nice.

When you are talking to others, you always want to be inclusive to anyone and everyone. When you use gender-neutral terms you are allowing those who don’t identify as a male or female to also feel comfortable. Just remember that messing up is ok you can always try again, but what we are trying to break the habit of is being exclusive.

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