• Ally Kucks and Sydney Noorman

Homecoming Dance: Best Turnout Ever

This weekend was Spring Lake High School’s first homecoming since COVID-19 started. As this was the first homecoming since 2019, students were very excited. It was freshmen and sophomores' first homecoming which made the excitement level skyrocket as well.

A lot of people showed up to this homecoming as Mr. Gilchrist wrote to the school, “It was our biggest homecoming in school history.” Everyone was having fun dancing and getting on the stage, including the teachers. Senior Inez Allard said, “It was the most fun homecoming since we all went a year without it, so everyone was very eager and excited for it.” Sophomore Adrianna Zamarron also stated, “For my first homecoming, it was a lot better than I even expected. I really enjoyed how it was outside rather than inside this year and everyone was so involved.” Mrs. VanderMeulen, as one of the coordinators and planners of the dance said, “It was one of the biggest dances ever participated in. There were at least 650 people and most of them stayed until the end. “

The staff members were eager to take photos and get to see students that they might not normally see out of school. Not only was this a throwback for the staff members, but it was also a throwback of times before COVID-19.

Many people were singing and enjoying the great music. Everyone got very into the dance and it was enjoyable all around. Although, many people got extremely hot and sweaty since it got so hot in the tent. Overall, it was very fun and nice to have the homecoming dance back again.

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