• Sarah Sevener

How Should SLHS Celebrate MLK Day?

When looking around West Michigan, it is not hard to notice that Spring Lake is one of the only schools in our area which remains open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national holiday celebrated widely around the United States. Martin Luther King Day is an important day because of our country's long standing racial injustices. We come together on this day to celebrate the progress made by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. Because our school chooses to stay open and in session on this day, the question becomes, “How should we celebrate and remember?”

One beneficial attribute that our school already has done is the posters in the hallway. Seeing the positive quotes by MLK Jr. can help to create a peaceful environment in the school. But, are we doing enough? I believe that our school could do more to bring awareness to this national holiday. For example, devoting class time to learning about the rich history of Civil Rights.

During my classes, I have noticed that there is often not a lot of attention given to this day. As a school and community in general, it is important that we continue to learn about how to create a peaceful and meaningful change. One display of respect could be to devote quality class time to learning about the work and efforts of King and his movement. The reason we celebrate this holiday is so that civil rights injustices are not forgotten, and that we continue to elevate social discourse around equity and equality. Now, more than ever, we can see that this work is far from over. Whether this is through a video, or a presentation, King’s work needs to be recognized and appreciated in Spring Lake High School.

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