• Andre-Ross Gennette

Indoor Dining Reopening

As Michigan begins to reopen, one of the unofficial indicators of our progress through this pandemic has been the state of the restaurants. The reopening of restaurants for indoor dining has been a controversial topic throughout the pandemic, and not without reason, given the potential for an outbreak to occur. Many solutions have been attempted for this issue, from full closure of indoor dining to slowly reopening at quarter or half capacity.

However, this was in the days before the vaccine. At the time of writing, the vaccine rollout has already begun to hit an average of 2.01 million doses administered per day. This number has only gone up the longer the vaccine has been around, and there is no reason that this trend will not continue. Given this pace, and the already monumental progress of the vaccine so far, it is in the best interest of our state to allow restaurants to at least return to half capacity dining.

While full capacity will remain the seemingly unattainable symbol of triumph over the virus, we cannot realistically expect our economy to recover in a timely fashion without the revenue from the service sector, especially at a time when the current administration seems to have no qualms about spending billions of dollars to vaccinate people and keep poor Americans above the poverty line for the rest of the pandemic. In conclusion, while we all know indoor dining is a risk, it remains not only an optional risk, but a necessary one for the economic recovery of our state in the wake of this crisis.

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