• Rosie Galloway

Is Valentine's Day Fun?

Every year, on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Loved ones all around the world take this day to exchange gifts - candy, flowers, etc. - all in the name of St. Valentine. ‘Valentines’ had been originally sent by imprisoned men to their wives in the medieval ages. This idea has since evolved into the large holiday we know it as today. Although a day centered mainly around romance, Valentine’s Day is about all forms of love and should be celebrated as such.

There’s a common misconception that because of this day’s origin, it’s exclusively for couples only. Romance is usually the forefront advertisement for this holiday in the media. Happy couples being plastered all over the media has generated a bitter feeling for those who may not have a significant other. However, Valentine’s Day is a day for love, whether that’s the love between families, friends, or significant others. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by anyone, it doesn’t just apply to one group of people. I believe that taking this day out of the year is very important for human relationships all around the world. Taking a day to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you - whether that's through acts of kindness, gifts, both expensive and affordable, or small words of affirmation - can mean more than you may understand.

Not only is this day important because of what we are celebrating, but the way we celebrate is also crucial to why this day is fun. When I was in elementary school, we would buy valentines and boxes to assemble and bring to school the next day. At school, all of the kids would set up their valentines box and go around giving everybody a valentine. Once I would get home, I’d dump out my box full of valentines and candy. I remember the joy that this brought me as a young child. Besides the fun festivities at school, Valentine’s Day at home was also very fun. My family and I would have a nice dinner together, along with small gifts from my parents. It was never anything too expensive or formal, but that didn’t make it any less special. Receiving little presents and being told that you’re loved has always been a highlight of my year.

It’s understandable that Valentine’s Day may not be enjoyable for everyone, for I understand how lucky I was to have loving friends and family who made this day so special. Some may not like this day because they believe that it is supposed to be a very luxurious day for romantic relationships only. However, I don’t believe that is true. I think that words of appreciation, acts of kindness, or any other way you may show your love to anyone in your life are all you need to make this day special.

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