• Kendra Kieft

Junior Boys Sweep Seniors in Annual Powdertuff Game

As we all know, homecoming week is the week that students look forward to every year. One of the Senior vs. Junior events that goes on is Powdertuff, where boys play each other in volleyball. Although the annual Powdertuff game was the week after homecoming due to sports teams having conflicts, the energy in the gym was still present.

There was a big dilemma that happened the day before where both the Senior and Junior coaches, the girls varsity volleyball players, found out that all of the football players were unable to play.

This was very upsetting for the coaches to hear, considering they were planning on having 2 teams for each grade, but with that news they now had just enough players for 1 team.

Senior Robby Tuck responded with his thoughts about finally being able to play after his junior year was affected by COVID, “It felt awesome and it was really nice to be able to play with my classmates and have a crowd to cheer us on.”

There were no statistics because this is only a game of fun and bragging rights. The two teams played 3 sets to 25, resulting in the Juniors winning all 3 sets with scores of 25-21, 25-22, and 25-19.

The Juniors still have another year ahead of them for a chance to come out with another win. Junior Max Witherell reflected on their win, stating, “It felt good beating the seniors. I didn’t expect to sweep them and even win in the first place because it was our team's first time playing volleyball.”

Hopefully next year will be normal again and the upcoming junior and senior boys will be able to play for fun again.

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