• Masen Carey and Evien Berry

Missing School? Poll

Recently, an optional survey went out to Spring Lake students asking whether or not they miss being at school in person. Out of 156 student responses, 55.8% answered that they miss going to school in person. In addition, 30.8% said that they don’t miss school, while the remaining 13.5% have no preference either way. While answering the poll, students were also given the option to write in explaining why they chose the answer they did. Here are the perspectives of students on attending school from home:

From those who miss being in person, many students wrote that they miss seeing their friends everyday. One student shared that she has a hard time learning over Zoom: “Doing homework is hard because we have to do it on our own and discipline ourselves more.” Another student wrote that she feels “so trapped and unmotivated when I don't have anywhere to go during the day.” A student who was quarantined throughout the month of November shared, “I was in quarantine starting October 28th, and I have not been to school since. It's December now... I miss seeing my friends and teachers!” Finally, Mrs. West commented on the survey, offering the unique perspective of a teacher: “Zoom makes me feel like I'm talking to myself all day. Much less interaction with people. I miss conversations with students and other teachers.”

From those in defense of online learning, many students shared that they like learning from the comfort of their homes. One student wrote, “I am in a place that is safe from the COVID-19 virus most importantly. Then, I am able to have the comfort and resources of my home, yet still be able to go to school and enjoy learning. It is a difficult time, and this is a different way to live, but I think that there are more ups than downs to this.” Another student shared their opinion on getting more breaks while on Zoom: “The reason I appreciate being at home is because we get the necessary breaks to be most efficient. These breaks are something we need all the time in person regardless of if it is a normal year or not.”

Finally, those who were undecided on their preference saw both the good and bad in online learning. “I miss it because I don't get to see my friends as often as I used to, but at the same time, I feel less stressed and more productive at home. I also feel like I'm able to go to bed earlier, and that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn each morning just to get to the bus on time. While I enjoy being able to be at home more often, I do also worry about my friends' mental health and how they're doing during online school, because I know not everyone enjoys it. However, overall, I don't have a preference because I think I learn well in both environments,” wrote one student. Another student shared her pros and cons: “I think it's better to be at school than at home because there can be less distractions and get a better education. Being at school would be easier. My dogs are always snoring and bothering me everyday at home. Sometimes it's nice to just get out of the house even if it's a school building. On the other hand, I can be in my pj's and sit in my bed with my pets and be warm and comfy. I would be fine with both situations. Either going to school or staying online. And if I have to be honest, I have better food at home.”

Whether you prefer learning from the comfort of your own home or you miss being in the classroom, we are all in this together. It is our responsibility to protect the lives and health of those in the community while still getting a quality education. As of right now, high school students are set to go back to school after Christmas break. Wherever the Laker student body ends up, we will continue to put forth our best effort in these trying times.

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