• Raylie DeCator

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When the world ends

What happens when atoms separate

When stars grow apart and turn their backs

When planets brawl

And time


In fits of rage

will gods and angels

tear apart the world we know

When the sun finally reaches forth

And watches galaxies burn

How blissful it would be

to never see it coming

To come home one day

And never know they’re gone

As I see you

Turn your face up to the sun and smile

Let roots slip from the soles of your feet

And grow deep

Span the earth and reach back around

And tell me all you have learned

Once you’ve seen life in its purest form

Come home to me and see yourself

As I see you

As the swell of an orchestra

And the last breaths of an evening sun

You are the rain and the clouds

the moon and all of the stars

The magic of a gust of warm wind

And the grace of every wave

You are the rhythm of falling snow

And the light that freckles the sea

Words will never capture the vivid life within you

Yet I will try to explain

with every breath

my love for you

In the chance you don’t see

Just how divine you are to me


I am bruised

My skin

Peels away at your touch

You see how


I am

And squeeze

I am bruised

A sugary morsel

Bite into me



And sliding down your chin

I am nothing if not sweet

I am bruised

drag your fingers along my skin

Feel the cuts and dents

I am young and I have not aged well


They picked me up and dropped me.

Shattered, I was swept beneath the rug.

You came along

And gathered my sharp edges

You took the time to rearrange my colors

And make me new again

Light filters through me and I emit rainbows


Intricate designs

Strewn across the floor

Am new again?

Your Letter

I wrote a letter addressed to our future

with hope we’d meet all along

It’s tear-stained and crumpled at the edges

But I carry it with me always

A simple note of mine for you

It carries the weight of my heart

The letters are smudged

And the creased lines have gone soft

It lays flat

And folded


I rub my finger along the edges

Thinking of the day I’ll give your letter to you

Mister Blue Whale

Dear Mister Blue Whale

Let me hear you sing

Bellow out your woeful song

And hear the currents ring

Close your eyes and hum aloud

Hold me with a tune

Listen as we dance along

And waves reach for the moon

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