• Kayden Fritsche

Mr. Fitzpatrick Takes Over as Intermediate School Principal

A few months ago, Spring Lake High School’s assistant principal, Mr. Fitzpatrick, took the position of Principal at the intermediate school. This shift changes a lot of aspects of his job. It’s a big jump down in age and the stages of life that students are in. Mr. Fitz was in his 8th year in the 2020-21 school year at Spring Lake High School.

Fitzpatrick said his favorite thing was being able to work and talk with students, parents, and teachers. He then went on saying, “...our community is very supportive towards education and Spring Lake Public Schools and it is great to be a part of that.” He loved watching the athletics and seeing students succeed every year. He is going to miss being a part of the things students partake in after high school. He stated, “After you seniors graduate, make sure you stop by and let us know how you are doing!”

Mr. Fitzpatrick is excited to put himself into a new environment in the intermediate school and be challenged with new opportunities. He explained, “I think that students are engaged differently at the Intermediate grade level than at the High School. All students have the same energy and excitement about the next steps they are taking.” I can assume that the excitement is like that since high schoolers have a lot more priorities, responsibilities, and stress on them. He mentioned the interests and motivation being a huge change along with the High School parking lot.

Mr. Fitz’s drive and motivation comes from the many memories and people he has in his life. “Right now the largest inspiration I have would be my family. My wife Martha is a teacher for Reeths-Puffer Public Schools and I have two sons Miles (10) and Greyson (8). They inspire me daily,” he expressed.

One of Fitz’s favorite memories from the high school is from homecoming week! He comments, “Let’s just say Mr. Gilchrist's car needed a car wash and I needed to buy pizza for the seniors. It was fun.”

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