• Emily Batka

Mrs. Westhoff and JLo have beef

Upcoming news!! Mrs. Westhoff, the local Spring Lake High School Spanish teacher, has beef with Jennifer Lopez. Resources show that Westhoff was reported arguing with JLo before she went into class two weeks ago. Other news shows that Westhoff was originally the one who taught JLo Spanish. In an interview, JLo had been questioned where she had learned Spanish, claiming it had been from her mother and other family members teaching her. Mrs. Westhoff claims it was her who taught her. That would explain their past friendship. They met when JLo was performing at Little Caesar's Arena two years ago, and Westhoff being a profound Spanish teacher had offered to help her learn it. So now we're left wondering, what happens now with the news of this secret and what will JLo do when the rest of the world finds out what's really going on? Happy April Fools Day!

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