• Evien Berry

My Life in Quarantine

I was recently asked to quarantine because I sat near someone in class who tested positive for COVID-19. I know that, in the past week or so, many of my peers have been thrust into the same boat. In fact, I log into Zoom every morning and there are five other kids also attending the Zoom! So if you’re currently at home, being asked to quarantine because either you have tested positive or someone near you has tested positive, then your day most likely looks similar to mine.

I get an extra hour of sleep every morning, which is absolutely fantastic. Usually I would set my alarm for 6:30, turn it off when it woke me up, and fall promptly back to sleep before my mom would have to come in and tell me to get ready roughly ten minutes later. It was difficult to even find the will to get up and get dressed. Now, I wake up at 7:30, open my Chromebook for a Zoom class, and stay snuggled up in my pajamas in my cozy bed. It’s even better that I can hear my sister up at 6:30 in the room next to mine, getting ready for school she doesn’t have to be at for another hour. I get to wake up minutes before my first Zoom, thanks to the “turning off the camera” feature.

While this may sound great, I am pathetically distractible. Even if I leave my phone in another room -- which I have to do -- my brain still refuses to focus on the topic at hand. For instance, I’ll be doing my math homework; then, all of a sudden, I wonder who was the worst president in US history. Instead of shoving this thought away because it quite literally matters not in the slightest, I need to know immediately who the worst president in US history was. Then all of a sudden I find myself sifting through a gallery of 900 political cartoons, and on any other occasion, I would not care about who was the worst president in US history or 900 political cartoons. But since I’m doing math homework, suddenly these cartoons are the most interesting media to ever exist.

Another problem with being quarantined is the perpetual boredom. While everyone else is in school, at least doing something, I’m at home recording birds eating out of the bird feeder. Then I’m spending an hour making a crappy Thanksgiving playlist and discovering that there are virtually no Thanksgiving-themed songs, so I have to include the Spice Girls simply because their name has the word “spice” in it. Also, Just Dance gets old really fast when you are alone in your living room and only have roughly twenty different songs to dance to, half of which are sung in a different language. It’s so strange how, when I was physically at school, I would spend the entire day waiting to go home, and now, I’ve only been home two days and I want to be back at school.

While being home alone all day in everlasting boredom and being entirely incapable of focusing on the work at hand sounds horrible, it definitely has its perks. For one thing, which I already addressed, getting an extra hour of sleep is truly heavenly. I also don’t have to pack lunch or PE clothes everyday, which is nice. And, I get to have a hot and filling lunch, instead of whatever crackers and Goldfish I threw into my lunchbox the night before.

All in all, if we’re able to keep more people from getting the virus and able to keep the majority of students in class, in person, I’m willing to do my part in a two-week quarantine. It isn’t ideal, but at least I’m spending a lot of quality time with my dog and catching up on the Netflix shows I always wanted to watch.

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