• Emily Batka

Mystery Teacher

Where were you born, and where have you lived?

I was born in Grand Haven, I’ve lived in Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Nunica, Kalamazoo and Holland.

What kind of car did you drive in high school?

Volkswagen Jetta

What was your favorite class in high school?

Art and English

Where did you attend college?

Hope College, Marygrove College, and took classes at UT Tyler, WMU and Calvin.

What is your favorite pastime?

Building things, making things, being creative, exercising.

Do you have any children?

2 pretty cool kids that I learn from on the daily...4334

Do you have any animals?

We have a dog, there is also a hedgehog in my house. We did have an aquatic frog in

an aquarium in the kitchen, until one day it was missing. A year later, we found it dried up- somehow it made it to the basement…

What professional sport would you play if you could?

I would want to be a professional Crossfit athlete.

What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?

Maybe interior designer? I’ve always liked designing living spaces. I am just finishing an interior design certification. Maybe a business owner? Not sure what business. Maybe an organization that works to empower women’s lives. Maybe being the coffee runner for Dana Nessel and Gretchen Whitmer if they would take me. I’ve also thought I would be really happy mowing lawns and doing landscaping.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Shoot, so many. I love, love the UP. I love Austria, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, the English countryside, Scotland...and Florida. Nothing beats the water for me. There are so many other places I want to see. I think there isn’t a vacation spot I would not love. Right now, I would love any vacation.

What was your most embarrassing moment as a teacher?

I was announcing a championship JV basketball tournament. At the end of the championship game, I was presenting the trophy to the winning team and I said the wrong team! Even worse, it was SL that had won and I said the other team!

What is your favorite restaurant?

Anything seafood, until I became severely allergic to seafood, now I don’t like to go out to eat at all.

What songs/artists are on your playlist?

I just ran to Pearl Jam WMA, Rage Against the Machine Killing in the Name of and Renegades of Funk, Beyonce’ Formation and Run the World, Eve Who’s that Girl, George Michael Freedom, Beastie Boys Sabotage, Foo Fighters All My Life, some Audioslave, Missy Elliot and Weezer. I love music and my mood is really influenced by music, which can be good and bad- for example; if I am feeling a bit down, I should not listen to Coldplay or Elliott Smith. If I feel like I need to listen to mindless music that I can sing to, I will put on FGL and pretend it’s a Saturday and sunny out!

What would you change about education if you were in charge?

*equal promotion of college education and training that does not include attendance of 4 year college

*the school board would include equal representation of teachers and admin, and also representation of parents and students.

*mandatory wellness/whole child/socio-emotional health class every year, every grade k-12. What content area is more valuable than learning about yourself? I can’t think of one.

Any other interesting factoids you’d like to share about yourself, things perhaps no one else at SLHS would know about?

In high school and college I poured concrete in the summers.

This summer, I built a greenhouse by watching youtube videos.

I spent a summer as a camp counselor in up-state NY.

I spent a month teaching on the Lakota Sioux Rosebud Reservation in SD

Last weeks Mystery Teacher was:

Mrs. Strobel

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