• Emily Batka

Mystery Teacher

She was born and raised in Alpena, MI and now lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Their favorite class in high school was AP European History. “I had a teacher named Mr. Stoppa who had really, really high standards but also made the subject fascinating. I remember we held a ‘Salon’--an eighteenth century intellectual meeting---where we pretended to be historical characters. The local theater let us borrow costumes. I was a King of Prussia. I wish I could remember which one! Mr. Stoppa showed up dressed head-to-toe in a King Louis XIV costume. He always made history ‘come alive’ in that way.”

After that, she continued her education at Central Michigan University, and earned a Master’s at GVSU while teaching at Spring Lake. They do not have any children; however they do own two cats and a goldendoodle. Their favorite restaurant is Bangkok Taste, a Thai restaurant in Grand Rapids. A few of this teacher's favorite song artists include Glass Animals, Phoebe Bridgers, and The Weeknd.

Last Week's Mystery Teacher was: Mr. Rabideau

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