• Sydney Noorman

Mystery Teacher

Updated: Oct 19

This week's mystery teacher was born in Benton Harbor, MI, but has been fortunate to live in Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona! They particularly loved senior year because they moved their senior year to Ganado, Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation. “What an experience!” writes the mystery teacher. In high school, this teacher shared a car with their older brother. It was a blue Datsun wagon. Their favorite class in high school was Spanish. This teacher attended college at Northern Arizona University, Mesa Community College, and Grand Valley State University. They also write that their favorite pastime is cooking and that they “love to cook!” Their favorite quote is, “ What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” Their middle name is Marie and they have three sons. They also have one yellow lab named Murphy! Their favorite thing about Spring Lake is “It is a small close-knit community and a beautiful place to live. We are so fortunate to live by the water.” The last book this teacher read was “People we Meet on Vacation.” If this teacher could play any professional sport, they would play basketball. They write “I loved playing basketball in high school.” If this teacher weren’t a teacher, they would want to be a speech pathologist. This teacher writes that her embarrassing moment was, “Years ago I slept through my alarm clock and I was late for first hour!” This teacher's favorite vacation spot is Marco Island Florida. Their favorite restaurant is Hearthstone. This teacher says that they don’t have a playlist, but they like to switch up their music! “I listen to a variety of music usually on the radio...I like to switch it up! Sometimes I like fresh music (pop), sometimes 70’s or 80’s.” If this teacher could change anything about education, they would change high school students to have later start times.

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