• Anna McLean

New Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett

With only weeks until the November 2020 Election, President Donald Trump chose to elect a new Supreme Court Justice to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor, Amy Coney Barrett, just days after Justice Ginsburg’s death.

Justice Barrett is only the 5th female judge to ever serve on the Supreme Court. The senate voted 52-48 to confirm Justice Barrett only a week before the election, changing the Supreme Court leanings 6-3 in the Republican favor.

Justice Barrett spent three years on the bench as a federal appeals court judge, following a long career as a law professor, making her the least experienced Justice to ever be confirmed.

Justice Barrett’s confirmation has been controversial. A similar situation arose when former President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, to succeed Justice Scalia. Garland was nominated in 2016, before the election, and Senator Mitch Mcconnell said, “he would consider any appointment by the sitting president to be null and void. He said the next Supreme Court justice should be chosen by the next president—to be elected later that year.” This has caused controversy with the sitting President, Donald Trump, as he has elected and successfully done the same thing former President Obama was denied.

Regardless of your political beliefs, the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett is historical, and she will serve on the Supreme Court for years to come.

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