• Keegan Fritsche

Ottawa County Covid-19 cases decreasing

Ottawa County’s COVID-19 cases have decreased by more than 2,000 since the beginning of 2021. Along with Ottawa County doing well, Michigan as a whole is not far behind, and cases are labeled as low as of February. Since then, businesses and restaurants have been reopening and starting up again. This also includes winter sports that have started back up on February 8th, and restaurants opened up at the beginning of February for dining with restrictions.

The statistic that you see the biggest improvement within is Ottawa county’s amount of cases per day. Since March, the most COVID-19 cases that were reported in a day was 449. Now, the average number of cases per day over the last 7 days is 29.43. This shows how far we’ve come and how much lower our numbers are currently. Although, it is to be noted that spikes in cases are inevitable and there’s no way to stop it. For example, from 10/1/20 to 11/1/20 there were 8,246 cases. That’s just one whole month alone. So, when it’s said that cases have decreased significantly, a continuation of taking precautions will only help us improve more.

Along with cases decreasing in Ottawa County, many residents and citizens have gotten the vaccine or at least signed up for theirs. As of February 18th, 36,200 doses have been received within our community. This information is updated weekly on Ottawa County’s “Where You Belong” website. Ottawa County is working towards ending this pandmeic little by little and improvements are being made.

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