• Raylie DeCator

A Collection of Poems by Raylie DeCator

pretty girl

when she asks what you love about her

don’t tell her she’s pretty

Tell her she is the peace before slumber

and the break of early dawn

she is the freedom of every wave

and the ferocity of a thunderstorm

tell her she is a rose

sparkling in dew

yet the resistance of its thorns

she is the nostalgia of an old movie

and the rhythm of a poem

she is the intensity of a stormcloud

yet the sweet relief of its rain

don’t tell her she’s pretty

for she is so much more

than pretty

Ode to a peach

plucked from a place of rustling leaves

and swaying breeze

your blushing face is that of a boy

unshaven and rosy

you smell of summer

of early mornings in the kitchen

of steel-cut oats

warm on the stove

falling to the ground

you bounce

you bruise

your flesh is far too thin

and out your juices ooze

a sticky sweet morsel

velvety and pregnant

your blood spills over my chin

my teeth stop at your rough center

and I admire the grooves of your youth

More Than a Metaphor

I want to cover my room in letters

I want the words to surround me

and the rhythm of poetry to pump my blood

I want the structure of a novel to hold up my bones

and the turn of a page as the exhale of my lungs

I want to become the story

as much as these words are a part of me

I want to cover my room in letters

And wake up

To find myself forever stuck

within the vast library of my imagination

I want the words to spill out of me

as if my heart had exploded

I want everyone to see the syllables

flowing through my veins

there is so much I want to say

without the words to say it

I want to cover my room in letters

and never step foot into the real world again

Lock the door of my library

and melt into the pages between my eyes

The words jump from my ears and swell

like an orchestra

I cannot taste

nor touch nor hear

for I am engulfed by the smell of old books

and the artistry of the words within them

I want to cover my room with letters

until I


become them

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