• Logan Ross

Pregnant Teachers!

Do you know the Spring Lake High School teachers? Well, today you will be learning about three of them: Mrs. Crawford, Mr. Mitchell, and Mrs. Perrin. One thing that these three teachers have in common is that they are all getting ready to have a baby.

First up is Mrs. Perrin. Mrs. Perrin is 4 months pregnant with her first child. The Perrins don’t know the gender yet. Mrs. Perrin is hoping for a girl, but, “is perfectly fine with a boy.” Mr. Perrin wants to name their child Luke or Leia, but Mrs. Perrin has different ideas. She also says that their dog will probably be confused, but happy. Mrs. Perrin is due February 24th.

Next up is Mr. Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell is 6 months pregnant with their third child, but their first girl. The Mitchells are excited to be adding a fifth member to their family in late December. “Coming up with a name in the past has been difficult. We actually hadn’t decided for sure with our first baby (Sam) until right after he was born,” Mr. Mitchell said in the interview. It isn’t any secret that the Mitchells are expecting.

Last up is Mrs. Crawford. Mrs. Crawford is 6 months pregnant with her first child. Mrs. Crawford is due, with a boy, on January 4th, 2022. His first name is undecided, but the middle name, “will for sure be Michael.” The Crawfords have a dog and two cats. They think that their dog and one of their cats will react just fine, while their other cat will have a hard time adjusting. The Crawford’s are excited to be adding their first child to the family.

Don’t forget to congratulate these teachers the next time you see them!

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