• Ryleigh Murphy

Reinhard Hosts Astronomy Star Party

In Mr. Reinhard’s Astronomy class, he teaches his students all you’ve got to know about outer space. As part of your grade in his class you have to attend at least one of his star parties. The star party is out on the field that’s in the middle of the track. Mr. Renihard usually has his students arrive around 8:40 and then starts the star party at 9.

At the first star party on September 15, there was a huge turn out of students and the sky was perfect that night to see the constellations clearly. Mr. Reinhard also brought a telescope and students were able to see the planet Jupiter and its 4 moons, and also a close look at the moon.

There are some obstacles in the way of having a good star party, though. “When we had our first star party the full moon made it difficult to see the stars,” says Mr. Reinhard. To have a good star party you have to make sure there’s good weather, the moon isn’t too bright, and there’s no clouds.

At the second star party on September 29, there was a decent amount of students that showed up. The sky was pretty clear and it was pretty easy to see the constellations. The moon wasn’t visible from the field. In the telescope they were able to see Saturn and it’s rings that night.

Overall, if you’re interested in learning all about outer space, astronomy may be the perfect class for you!

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