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Seniors on Winter Sports

It’s no secret that Spring Lake High School’s athletes have well exceeded our expectations of their determination to play and take pride in their sports amidst a global pandemic. Particularly, our seniors. First of all, allow me to speak for all of Spring Lake when I say thank you to our seniors. They deserved so much better than the uncertainty this year has been, but the way they have carried themselves is truly an inspiration. The seniors participating in wrestling, hockey, boys swim, competitive cheer, girls basketball, and boys basketball are truly outstanding. I cannot speak for them, but I want to share with you their opinions and stories of their time playing for Spring Lake, and how COVID-19 has affected their last season of the sports they love.

Max Montgomery, a senior in wrestling says, “Well, my experience wrestling with Spring Lake was really good because I had a great relationship with the coaches and the team. For the season this year, the team has so far been doing workouts in order to prepare for the season.” Max has been wrestling since the 6th grade, and is eager to get back on the mats. Their December 19th home quad was cancelled, so their first meet is set for Saturday, January 9th, at Godwin Heights.

To speak on boys hockey, Gavin Cunningham says, “This being my senior year, it’s definitely a setback, having the newest shutdown in effect most of, possibly, our entire season. We, as a team, are trying to keep our heads up and be hopeful that we have at least part of our season.” Gavin’s teammate, Mathieu VanLangevelde also says, “COVID-19 has been tough this year. We were supposed to have had tryouts and play the first couple of games of our season this month [November], and now the only ice time we’ve had is for tryouts. It sucks knowing that this is all we’ll get this month. However, playing for the GH/SL team has always been an amazing experience and I’m sure this year will be no exception.” The boys’ first game is to be played Friday, January 8th.

Next, senior Collin Schock gave me his insight. He says, “I’m really looking forward to getting back to work with my high school team. I’m excited to see what we’re capable of and how our hard work will play out through the season. After last year’s cancellation of our state meet, our team was pretty bummed. This year, we’re hoping for the opportunity to compete and truly show what kind of work and grind Laker swimming does every day. Overall, I’m just hoping for a fun (and safe) season.” The swimmers meets against Grand Haven and Jenison, scheduled for the 15th and 22nd of December, have been cancelled due to the shutdown. The boys are hoping to get back in the water for their upcoming meet against Northview on Thursday, January 7th.

Finally, senior Bella Myers spoke to me about her experience with SL competitive cheer. Bella says, “Cheering for Spring Lake has been so fun! I have loved every second of it, from the Friday night football games in the rain, to taking the mat with my girls for competitions. I wouldn’t trade the hours of practices and meets for anything. As for my senior season, I can only hope that soon I can make memories with the girls I love doing the thing that I love and hopefully this season will be unforgettable!” The girls are set to take the mat Saturday, January 9th at Allendale High School.

Spring Lake High School’s graduating class of 2021 has not had an easy year. Going to school in the middle of a global pandemic is nothing short of challenging, and we thank you for your determination and dedication to work hard to be able to play the sports you love.

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