• Noor Baria

Seniors Triumph Over Juniors in Annual Powderpuff

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, it's not Christmas, but it's every high school student's favorite week of the year: Homecoming. Homecoming is a week full of events, laughter and pure joy. From the intense penny wars to the late night mischief, Homecoming is a week where students come together and run against each other in multiple events such as belly flop and Powderpuff.

On Wednesday, both belly-flop and powderpuff took action. The high intensity was in the lap pool room where the Seniors were on the main floor and Juniors were on the balcony. Last minute, the Juniors lost 2 of their candidates. Later, 2 Juniors stepped up to take their places: Tanner Guzwa and Gabe May. Tanner was questioned on how he felt stepping up taking in one of the spots that were open last minute, stating, “I felt great helping out my grade, I figured some points were better than no points so that’s why I did it.”

Later that night, the annual Powderpuff game of Juniors Vs Seniors took place. The long awaited game after a year of missing out on Homecoming fun was a game that was eventful to watch. Senior Meah Bajt leading with 2 touchdowns had some words on how she felt after missing out her junior year expressing, “I thought it made the experience so much more fun because we knew we missed out on it last year so this year we had to go all out!” The Seniors ended up winning 28-14.

Overall, the week everyone looks forward to has to come to an end. The seniors remembering the late night mischief with their peers for their final year in high school and the Juniors thinking how they only have one year left. But the freshman and sophomores are waiting for the day they can participate in the full week of homecoming. All four grades are a powerful part of making this week the most memorable yet therefore bring your school spirit because you will never know what the future holds.

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