• Emily Batka

Olivia Butler's Seven Steps Up Mural

Seven Steps up chose between five Spring Lake High School students to complete a mural in Spring Lake, MI. Out of the five, they decided on senior Olivia Butler. She said that when she was chosen she felt “extremely honored and excited. I had never done a piece that big before.” She also told that it was approximately 12’x15’, which is very large. It took her about two months to fully complete and she often worked on it during the mornings around 3-5 hours.

The funding from the project came from private donations and a grant from the Grand Haven Community Foundation. Olivia said that her inspiration came from wanting to create something that showcased unity and diversity through art and music. Her message was to send love and acceptance to everyone in our community, especially those who are underrepresented. Her goal was to create unity and bring people together.

Olivia wrote that “As a young artist, I could have never imagined I would accomplish something like this. So I hope I inspire other young artists and help them realize that this is something that they are totally capable of. Especially my female artists out there. Pursue your passion because you can 100% find success with it.” You can find inspiration everywhere just like Olivia did. You can find her mural on 116 S Jackson St, Spring Lake, MI

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