• Skyler Henshaw

Should Teachers Be Paid More?

On average, teachers make about 40K per year. In all honesty, that’s not that much when living expenses are taken out. There have been discussions among people for years saying that teaching should be one of the highest paying jobs and yet it’s not high paying in the slightest.

Teaching is a very underrated profession. Without teachers, everyone in the world would be uneducated. Yet, if you’re a teacher, you’re not going to get paid a lot. So, if teaching is the most important profession, why isn’t it more highly paid?

Personally, I think that teachers should be paid so much more than what they’re paid now. I feel like there’s little to no reason as to why they’re not paid more. It simply doesn’t make sense how getting an education is so important and yet, the educators themselves are paid such a low wage.

Although college professors are paid much more, college is also optional. While not every person goes to college, most people have been to high school. Why isn’t the pay more equal? College professors can make up to 240K on average, and high school teachers make almost 200K less.

To me, it doesn’t make sense as to why teachers don’t make as much as they should. In theory, teachers should make at least 100K, but they make so much less.

In conclusion, teachers should be making so much more money instead of making so little.

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