• Dawson Sherman

Ski Team and its Impact on Me

Skiing has been a great part of my high school experience, through making great accomplishments and friends during my three (soon-to-be-four seasons). I started as one of the worst skiers on the varsity team and as the years went on I started to improve, then again the good skiers were moving on to college. That feeling of learning and proving my worth to a team is a feeling like no other that I have felt. As skiing went on and that is what drew me closer to it. I could see the change in my capability and it made me happy to see that others could too.

I had my dad as a coach along with family friends as other coaches, so it was nice to have that sort of family feel to the team, not many sports are like that. Learning felt easy and the community around the sport accepted that. Although you were competing, everyone knew everyone so it was more of an “I teach you”, “you teach me” type of competition. I think that is why I liked it so much, you could have no idea who someone was but yet there was no awkwardness in talking and giving/getting tips out of nowhere, it made losing more comfortable.

Last year I didn’t get to finish my season due to stitches on my right knee, so I missed my shot at states and hoped to get another chance the next year. Well, the year has come and I still am not sure that I will get that chance again, COVID-19 has left it up in the air. I still have my “dryland training” at home in hopes of a ski season but as of right now there has been no new news on it actually happening. If it doesn’t happen, though, I am grateful for the time that I have had, and all I can say is that I hope the memories and experience stay with me.

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