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SLHS Cancels 2 Days of Exams Due to COVID-19 Cases

Recently, Spring Lake Public Schools has been seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases, ultimately leading to an even bigger rise in contact tracing. “There have recently been about 2 people out with covid per day,” states art teacher Mrs. Gwinnup. An important email went out the morning of November 18th, saying that school will no longer occur on the upcoming Monday and Tuesday due to the increase of COVID-19 cases and the number of students in quarantine. With exams coming up, students and staff are stressed about the outcome of what exam time looks like and how students will be able to take their classes and final exams.

There had been a couple of ideas floating around that could be possible solutions. One idea suggested that students take their exams upon returning from Thanksgiving break, on November 29th. Another idea would be to cram all student’s exams into Friday and shorten the length of each exam time, then students could fit them all into one day. Cramming the exams onto Friday could potentially cause both students and staff stress. Teachers may not have enough time to prepare for the exams, and students may be short on time to prepare for them.

The final decision was announced on Thursday afternoon at 12:05 pm. The final solution to the exam complication was that students will be taking all their exams on Friday and also be treating the day as they would a regular school day. The main strategy for having the exams so soon was so students’ grades can not be negatively affected by the upcoming exam’s score. Students definitely have some catching up to do, but the good news is: the situation has been dealt with and now students won’t have to worry about their grades being affected negatively.