• Logan Ross

SLHS Hires New Athletic Director, James Hogan

Have you met Mr. Hogan, our new athletic director? As you read this article you will learn new things about Mr. Hogan. Hopefully, after reading this article you will understand more about what our athletic director does every single day. Mr. Hogan started his career at Kingsly as a coach, then he worked at Allendale for the past seven years, and now he is a Laker.

Mr. Hogan has known he wanted to be an athletic director since his junior year of high school. He went to Aquinas College, where he got a double major in sports administration and a minor in math. Mr. Hogan loves math and math is a big part of his job.

Mr. Hogan said, “I got to know Mr. Mohrhardt before he retired and I really love getting to know students.” As the athletic director, Mr. Hogan gets to watch sports games and practices. He has also gone to watch middle school sports. He loves to go and watch tennis and swimming because they didn’t have tennis or swimming at Allendale.

He also gets to work with Mrs. Theune and the coaches of the sports. Mr. Hogan helped to plan the Homecoming events and all pep assemblies. Mr. Hogan has also had to make team cuts, which he doesn’t like having to do. He greatly supports elementary schools having sports.

Hopefully, if you see Mr. Hogan in the hallways you will thank him for his work. Without Mr. Hogan, our sports wouldn’t run so smoothly. Thank you to Mr. Hogan for your hard work and dedication to our sports.