• Sarah Sevener

SLHS Library Delivers to You: A contact-less way to get library books!

In a year of social distancing and limited capacities, the Spring Lake High School Library got creative. Our two amazing librarians, Mrs. Draeger and Mrs. Olsen, offer an amazing virtual library. In an interview with Mrs. Draeger, she states, “This system has been amazing, easy to use, as well as easily accessible.”

Purchased by a grant, the school uses the software to do contactless checkout. Mrs. Draeger also states, “All students have the skills to use this technology.” The process is quite simple. When a student wants to check out a book, they can start by visiting www.springlakeschools.org and selecting the “Media Center” link under the High School tab. Then, students will select their school, and “Login” using their student number and password. This feature is found on the upper right hand corner. From here, students can choose any book in the online catalog, and check out the book. They also can put the book on hold - a useful feature for instances of at-home learning and books that are popular among students.

Mrs. Draeger displayed a joyful attitude when discussing the online library and referred to the system as, “Our own little app that can be accessed by any Wi-Fi device.” When asked about the pro and cons of a virtual library, Mrs. Draeger stated, “This system has been easily accessible for virtual students to be able to get the books they want when at home.” Everyday, our two librarians go around the classes and deliver books to classrooms. Also, in the library, there are still featured books on display for students to view, similar to a pre-pandemic library. Overall, the new library system has been very successful, and the district, staff, and students are thankful for the hard work of the librarians.

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