• Kaiya Theune

SLXC Team Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Just after supporting the dogs and cats at the Humane Society, the cross country team couldn’t help but support another cause!

The team decided to create pink shirts to spread awareness about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and support anyone who needs it. The girls did not want to stop there and decided to include the boy’s cross country team, and any of the staff at school to join!

On Wednesday, October 20th, both cross country teams and most of the staff all wore their pink shirts to show their support! Not only did the team just make shirts, but they also decided to incorporate additional donations to the research fountain as well. The total donation amount was $400! The Breast Cancer Research Foundation was the team’s mission this time around because this year, BCRF is the largest private funder of breast cancer research, and the team wanted to “do our part and help how we can,” says Cross Country Coach, Mr. Andres, the person to name for coming up with this idea.

The donations support 250 scientists at leading academic and medical institutions around the world across 14 countries. With the help of the teams, the staff, and others who donated and shared their care for this important cause, the girls’ cross country team was honored to participate in a great opportunity for awareness.

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