• Amaya Wiseman

Spirit Week Success 2021

Monday, September 27th kicked off Spring Lake High School’s 2021 homecoming spirit week! Activities such as class contests, the pep rally, the parade and much more were all planned by the Spring Lake Student Councils. Throughout the week there were contests between all four grades, such as the belly flop contest, money wars, and tug of war.

“I think the most participated theme was red and gray day because that is the ultimate way to support our school and football team -- through our unique school colors,” said Brooklyn Verplank, representative of the freshman student council. The themes for the 2021 homecoming week included: hawaiian day, denim day, a color war day, decades day, and red and gray day. This year's hall decorating contest winners were the freshman hallway (blue) and the Junior hallway (white).

The belly flop contest took place on Wednesday, September 29th, where a handful of students from each grade competed against each other for the best belly flop. Winning first place were the sophomores, in second place were the seniors, juniors took third place and freshman placed fourth.

Wednesday, September 29th also included the Junior and Senior girls’ powderpuff game. The seniors won by 14 points, with a final score of 28-14 points.

Though some of the spirit week events happened in the middle of the week, the most anticipated events were saved for last: the pep rally and football game. The pep rally showcased the fall sports teams, dances and routines from the dance team and cheer team, a senior football dance and games between all the grades.

Our football team went up against Unity Christian Highschool, and despite our team's best efforts, SLHS lost 54 to 21. Link Dephouse was crowned homecoming king, along with Meah Bajt -- crowned homecoming queen. Even though we lost our game, the homecoming week was still a successful and fun week. Go Lakers!

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