• Anna Richards

Spring Lake Band Hosts the Huddle

The marching band season has come to an end, which means one thing: The Huddle. The Huddle is an indoor marching band performance where the band performs their show along with the national anthem, their Coast Guard Parade tune, their homecoming themed melody, and “We Found Love,” a song by Rihanna and played by seniors in their freshman year show.

For many members of the band, it is very refreshing for them to have their “normal” season back. Junior Brixton Rose expressed his happiness that there were competitions back for the first time since his freshman year. “It was nice to get back to the invitationals, and we also performed really well this year. I had a ton of fun.” The band earned 2 Grand Champion titles in the same season for the first time in many years and multiple rewards in music, marching, and percussion.

Many band members are emotional about their season ending, but no one is saddened more than the seniors. Senior Jordan Truszkowski said, “I’ve really enjoyed band during highschool and it has given me the chance to make memories that have been a staple of my highschool career . . . I know I’ll miss the people I met during my time.” In addition to this, senior Grace Kleppe stated, “I’m really going to miss the friendships that I made. I know that it sounds sappy and I’m not going anywhere, but it makes a difference when you’re making music with them.” Although many of the seniors have concert and jazz band for the remainder of the school year, their final marching season has come to a close. The seniors are going to be missed by many and have certainly left their impact upon the band.