• Madi Boerger

Spring Lake Competitive Cheer Holds Fundraiser with West Michigan Nutrition

“The moment is NOW!” These words, the beginning of round 1, serve as a mantra every year for the competitive cheer team. This year, ironically, the moment is not now. All year, sports have been doing everything possible to get to play. From masking up, to rapid COVID-19 testing, to reducing practice contact, all high school athletes are making sacrifices. While schools were shut down, the cheer team attempted to learn all of their routines via Zoom - not an easy feat. Once announced, sports would finally be able to practice, cheer jumped right in, only to be faced with another push back of their season.

Now, with the latest extension of the ban on indoor sports, the cheer team has been restricted, again, in what they can do. This not only affects the actual season, but also makes it harder for the team to do their standard annual fundraiser. So, JV coach Miss Kayla Hartger connected with a friend at West Michigan Nutrition, a shop in Grand Haven selling a variety of healthy shakes and teas, to line up a fundraiser that involves no contact and is possible with all of the restrictions.

Last week Thursday, January 28th, and Friday, the 29th, if you walked into West Michigan Nutrition and mentioned the cheer team, a portion of your total went to support the Spring Lake High School cheer program. So, athletes from both teams shared the virtual flier to all their social media networks. This fundraiser money goes towards the cheer team’s uniforms, competition fees, upkeep of mats, and team masks. This money is especially helpful to keep costs low so all students interested, regardless of income, can cheer. The money also goes toward paying the specialty gymnastics instructor brought in once a week to work with the team. All in all, it was a successful fundraiser that brought money into the cheer program.

If you are interested in donating to the cheer team, specifically, please reach out to the coaches at springlakecheer@gmail.com.

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