• Abigail Uganski

Spring Lake Drama Club to Host Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Spring Lake Drama Club is once again hosting a virtual scavenger hunt in order to spread holiday cheer while also raising funds for their spring musical–Chicago High School Edition. The scavenger hunt will take place on December 18th from 3-6 pm; anyone can play as long as they are in a group of 3-5. Each team must pay $25 and download the Goose Chase app in order to play. They’ll have to find the items or do the tasks that are listed and submit photos or videos in order to receive points for what they complete. Whichever group can tally up the most points will win a handful of prizes, which could include tickets to the spring musical, gift certificates, books, and more!

Their first virtual scavenger hunt, which was Halloween themed, had participants searching for spiders (both real and fake!), listing scary movies, and many other fun activities in order to win first place. Although it may sound easy, it can become difficult and require some creativity! Anna Richards, a participant that won first place in the scavenger hunt, stated, “Something that was challenging about it was when it got dark and we couldn’t find the specific things we needed.” Tina Kortich, another player, mentioned that “some of the stuff was really random and specific, such as a real skeleton.”

But despite the challenges, all the players had fun. Anna Richards stated, “My favorite part about it was spending time with my team.” Ava Davidson agreed with this statement by saying, “My favorite part was running around the neighborhood with my friends trying to find different things for the scavenger hunt. It gave me something really fun to do!”

Overall, the people that participated enjoyed their experience and would consider doing it again. Not only does the money help the Drama Club, but it also gives people of all ages something fun to do! Ava Davidson said, “I definitely think everyone should do it! I would do it again and I know my whole group would agree; we had so much fun!”