• Delainie Bullis

Spring Lake's Spring Musical: Beauty and The Beast

Like so many other activities, 2020 and 2021 haven’t been the years for Broadway stars and theatre kids. Shows have been shut down, cancelled, and postponed. If people are performing, it’s either with masks, face shields or it’s a show with a small cast. Theatre isn’t what it used to be and the SLHS drama club went on quite the ride when putting together Beauty and the Beast. This show starred Katie Glasgow and Adam MacLeod as Belle and the Beast, a few other dazzling seniors and juniors, and underclassmen in the main cast and ensemble. Each show had (almost) a full house with lots of light-up roses that flashed red light through the auditorium during the Beast’s transformation, and thunderous applause after “Be Our Guest”. The truth is, though, our audience had no idea of all of the hardships we endured.

When we first started the show, I think I can speak on behalf of the entire drama club, that we thought this show would probably get shut down just as The Music Man did last spring. We were always in constant fear, wondering if someone was going to get contact traced or catch COVID and quarantine the entire cast of the show, but luckily we made it through and everyone was able to perform in the show. Although, this wasn’t as scary during Check Please! In the fall when we were still deep in the pandemic and our lead, Katie Glasgow, got quarantined during the week we were filming the show. When we made it to opening night of Beauty and the Beast, it felt so surreal and it didn’t feel like it was a show day, but it was. We put on a wonderful show that night and the rest of the show nights, but when we reached our last show, we were met with lots of tears during our final warm-ups and traditions of saying goodbye to this wonderful group of seniors. Despite all of these hard times and having to wear masks, we were able to put on a full-length show WITH an audience and bring back just a little happiness to this world. To those who came to see it, thank you for pulling up a chair, being our guest, and SLHS Drama Club hopes that this will forever remain in your heart as a tale as old as time, and a wonderful memory that you’ll never forget.

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