• Emily Batka

Standardized testing: Is it helpful or harmful?

The end of the school year brings about a lot of change and excitement, and with that comes the “joy” of taking exams and testing. Whether you like it or not, the best thing you have to do is study and hope you do good. But the question is, does standardized testing really help students or does it worsen the effects of different mental issues.

Some pros about standardized testing is that it is easy to measure and grade everyone on the same scale and learning base. Standardized tests offer the best objective measure of what students have learned. Taking that information, schools can determine areas for improvement.Using the scores provided after you take the test can help determine whether or not you go into college and which one you're accepted to. Standardized test scores have long been correlated with better college and life outcomes.

On the other hand, testing can have dramatic effects on students. With standardized testing, you only measure the score of the test, not the progress of the student or how the student performance has improved or declined. These tests also have limits to their effectiveness. Measuring only the knowledge of math, science, and english, it fails to determine the creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking of the students.

All in all, I believe that with a little improvement and help, standardized testing could become better accustomed to peoples’ different needs and could also have the same goal of determining someone's knowledge.

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