• Anna McLean

Student Council Elections

With each succeeding year, several students of each class are selected to represent their grade in Student Council. Last week on Friday, October 2nd, each grade of SLHS voted to elect candidates to fill their student council positions for the 2020-21 year. This years election results are as follows:

Class of 2021: President - May Fuller, Vice President - Bella Myers, Secretary- Taylor Gates, Representatives - Masen Carey, Andrew Richards, and Olivia Wright

Class of 2022: President - Aidan Parker, Vice President - Porter Saunders, Secretary - Ryann Gilchrist, Treasurer - Eryn Bouwhuis, Representatives - Jennifer Judge, Leila Kahler, Brendon O’Donnell, and Bella Padulla

Class of 2023: President - Noor Baria, Vice President - Tessa Fuller, Secretary - Collin Shippy, Representatives - Selah Buhr, Ben Carlson, Emma Nicles, and Abigail Uganski

Class of 2024: President - Luke Glasgow, Vice President - Addi Tober, Secretary - Clara Saunders, Representatives - Emily Curtis and Adriana Zamarron

With each passing year, students and staff realize the importance of student council and how much it means to the quality of the school year. While elections were a tad delayed this year, students are relieved to have their fellow peers represent their grade for student council. The elected officers are hopeful that they will get the chance to truly interact with the school and lead their peers.

Sophomore President, Noor Baria, says, “This year’s student council is going to look a little different due to the unique situation we’re in. The pandemic has changed the way school is looking. My goal this year is to keep a positive attitude and try to keep the Laker traditions alive.”

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